Monday, October 28, 2013

Paper Stars for Chanukah

Chanukah is five weeks away so it's not too early to start thinking about decking out your home in beautiful Chanukah decor. My first craft for Chanukah this year are these Star of David paper stars, which I strung in a garland.
All it takes to make these beautiful stars are a compass, ruler, scissors and heavy paper. Here's how:
1. Draw a circle with the compass, keeping in mind the size. (Mine are 8 inches.)
2. Take half of your circumference (mine was was 4 inches) and mark those points all around the circle. When you're done, you'll have 6 points.
3. With a ruler, draw lines to attach all points forming two triangles.
4. Cut out the star with scissors.

5. Fold the star three times--point to point.
6. Flip the star over--now fold three times again between each of the little triangles.

When you're done folding it should look like this:
These look so pretty in colored paper as well as silver and gold papers.

I strung mine in a garland but they'll also look beautiful tied onto gifts as a tag, or as place settings.
What will you use your paper stars for?
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