Friday, October 25, 2013

Bowls: From Plain to Fancy

What do you do with a pair of inexpensive plain white bowls? Add some glam with gold paint, of course.
These bowls were purchased from the dollar store last year to hold the scissor centerpieces I made for Yosef's Upshernish when he turned three years old. You can see how they were used here

These are actually nice heavy bowls so after the party, Ariel and I both took a few home. The other day I decided to fancy them up a bit with gold paint...
First I used sewing pinking shears and some blue painters tape. I love the little zig zag pattern the shears create.

Then I brushed on a few coats of Martha Stewart's gold paint...
The paint is multi-surface; to use on glass, metal, even fabric. The second bowl got a stripe treatment which didn't come out as crisp as the first one but I still like how it looks.

Next week, it's on to Chanukah crafting!
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