Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Modern Moss

I love moss. No, not the kind that takes over the lawn where there's supposed to be grass. I mean the beautiful kind--like in a forest that covers the ground. 

Since I don't live in a forest I decided to bring a bit of it into our home in a very modern graphic way. This combines my love of spheres (I blogged about it a few years ago here) with my love of moss.

I already had the ceramic bowl so the whole project cost less than eight dollars. Here's how:
1. Find a nice bowl--I used a hand thrown pottery bowl I already owned.

2. Cut a child's ball in half and stuffed it with plastic bags.

3. Place it ball side up in the bowl.

4. Use a glue gun and packaged moss from the craft store.

5. Keep gluing the moss onto the bowl covering any areas where the colored ball shows through.

6. You're done!
No one will know it's not from a fancy schmancy home store!
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