Friday, October 11, 2013

Ikea Liatorp Hack

The major piece of furniture in the living room is done! It's the Ikea Liatorp bookcase that takes up almost an entire wall and holds the T.V., all my craft supplies, photo albums, and favorite accessories. 
I chose it because of the size--our T.V. measures 32 inches wide and the bookcase is 34 inches. So the proportions were perfect but it needed some changes to work in the room. 

There are many versions of this bookcase you can doors, open shelving, etc. I wanted to keep things simple so I chose open shelves with three sets of doors on the bottom for a classic look. Here is a picture of the Liatorp from Ikea's website:

The first step was putting the piece together since it's packed in flat boxes. (I love Ikea but hate to assemble!) There was certainly nothing wrong with the white color and the bead-board back, but it wasn't right for my living room and needed some hacking.

Next came the long and tedious job of painting. The good news is I used a primer called Stix.  Even though the Liatorp finish was glossy I didn't have to sand a thing which saved a lot of time and effort. I had the paint store tint it to match color of the paint I was using.
For the paint I used Benjamin Moore's Advance in a satin finish. It's water based but wears like oil paint and is perfect for furniture. The color is River Reflections.

Since it's not designed for a T.V. we had to make a few holes in the back for plugs...

I replaced the Ikea knobs with these solid brass knobs...
I knew the bead board backing would be too casual looking for this room so I popped in some foam core board panels covered in burlap fabric to add some texture and interest.
So easy to cover the foam core with a lightweight staple gun. 

The branch is from saveoncrafts...
I wanted an organic touch over the T.V.

My twig ball has a special spot...
Did you know that twig ball is the most viewed of any post since I started designmegillah?!

Behind the doors are all my craft and art supplies...
I love the white storage boxes...they are cheap and do a great job of storing anything (I even use them on my bedroom closet shelf for tights and panti-hose!).

It's not completely can see some the shelves are empty or not quite finished.
But styling a bookcase is a whole other thing so that will be another blog post!
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