Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Over the Sofa

When we moved into this house last November we certainly did our share of ripping out and covering up: the kitchen was gutted, bedroom carpets replaced and hardwood flooring installed in the kitchen.

But, there is one thing that the previous home owner did that I love: they installed beautiful decorative molding in the living room. It gives the walls so much character and interest. After painting over the old mauve color with Benjamin Moore's coastal fog, it's better but still a work in progress. Isn't that wall just crying out for some art?
I think the artwork has to stay within the center square molding which is a large space to fill. Here are three ideas.

1. A series of maps broken up with nine frames like this one I found in the Wisteria catalog:
Their wall art sells for $999 (that's how much I pay for a sofa!) so I would have to DIY this.

2. One large piece of art like this one in Elle Decor:
For this, I would either beg my art school friends for a painting or copy and paint one myself.

3. The last idea was something I saw in our hotel lobby in Kennebunkport, Maine this summer.
(Sorry for the bad iphone picture.) It's a triptych...a series of photos or painting in three separate frames. I think this would be easy to create by using a giant photo print and cutting it up into three long narrow frames.

Decisions decisions...
At least the bookcases in the living room are almost done so I'll be revealing that next week!
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