Monday, September 30, 2013

Make Your Own Sewing Box

I've been working on getting more organized around the house. My old sewing box was a mess...I kept on buying pack after pack of straight pins because I couldn't find any and then realized I had about 4 packs!  

I'm not a big sewer but when I need to hem a skirt or stitch up some pillows it's good to have the sewing supplies at your fingertips.
 It all started with this box from Michael's crafts...
I've used these boxes for other projects--the great thing about them is they are very sturdy and there is a magnetic closure so they shut easily. 

Here are all the supplies I used...
The small mini boxes will hold pins, and the foam sheets would serve as dividers.

The beautiful paper is from Rifle Paper Co.

Since I didn't want the old paper showing through, the boxes got a quick coat of white primer. After the paint dried, Mod Podge was brushed onto the box then the new paper pasted onto the wet glue.

The easiest way to cover the box was one section at a time--cutting to the size of the panel, gluing it and then smoothing out the paper to avoid lumps and bubbles.
The foam was easy to cut to fit into the box and create smaller sections.
These boxes come in various sizes if you need a larger or smaller size for more sewing gear.
It's pretty enough to leave out on a shelf or table.
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