Monday, August 19, 2013

New Years Cards with Honey Cake

It is a Jewish tradition to send New Year Cards before Rosh Hashanah, but why not take that one step further and send your message tied to a yummy honey cake? These cakes hold up well for days and they are easy to ship. If your recipient is making a holiday meal, they'll love receiving something extra to serve for dessert or just have around the kitchen for the family to nibble on.

Here is the clip art I used on my card...just copy and paste it onto yours.
The message was printed on yellow honeycomb paper I found at the craft store but solid yellow paper works too. I used a Word program and printed out sheets on a laser printer. After cutting out each message I glued it on to card stock cut slightly larger. The inside of the card is where we signed our names.  

Here is a yummy Honey Cake recipe from Epicurious, but if there's no time to bake you can order parve kosher honey cakes here.
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