Monday, July 29, 2013

Smaller Table=More Space

Have you seen the new Threshold collection at Target? There's not one item from their collection I would not love to have in my home! I just purchased two new small tables to replaced an old coffee table that was too large for the space--what a difference a small change can make.

 Here is a photo of the old table in our den that I posted back in March.

It looked fine in the photo--the soft color worked with the grays and taupe's in the room, but in real life we just keep bumping into it. When the grandchildren came to visit there was very little rug space for them too play on. I've been looking for two small tables for a while and since the budget for this was low Target was the perfect solution.
The new tables take up very little space but are large enough to hold a book or cup.

The chestnut finish is a nice contrast to all the grays in the room.
I'll probably sell the old one on Craig's list if my daughter, Ariel can't use it in her new home. Anyone locally interested?
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