Friday, July 5, 2013

Easy Perennials

Before this spring, I starting planning the garden in our new home. I found these easy perennials on Better Homes and Garden's website--they are not only beautiful but also low maintenance. Here are some of the flowers I planned for the garden...
Astilbe: I planted this in our last house--it's super easy to grow and I love the feathery plumes.
Phlox: I also had this one growing in our last house...gorgeous purple blooms, end of summer.

Coral Bells: This is a shade loving plant which I'll put against the house in a shady spot.
Purple Cone flower: Another easy
perennial that grows all over New England.

Pincushion Flower: I never tried this plant but I love to incorporate blues and purples so I'll give it a try.
Sedem: A no-brainer--so easy to grow.

Beautiful, right?
Well, they are just going to have to wait until next summer because here's what our yard looks like now.

Yep, most of our backyard looks like this after two weeks of heavy rain. 
We we told we need to install a curtain drain to control the flow of water that's coming from a sloped yard.

The things you learn when you move into a new house...
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