Friday, June 14, 2013

Sukkah Planning

You probably read the title of this post and thought "she's crazy! It's only June and Sukkot begins September 18th." 

You're right. Sort of. When we moved here in November we got rid of our old sukkah. It was made of wood that wasn't designed for outdoor use and over the years it became warped and it took hours to get it up for the holiday. Also, it was super heavy so the whole ordeal of setting it up was a pain.

We could buy one of these pre-fab sukkahs but how cool would it be to have a gazebo-like structure built that we can use all summer and then just throw on some bamboo mats, close the curtains and we're ready for the holiday?

When I saw this photo from Lowe's creative ideas I was in love. Ours would sit on a concrete patio not a deck, and we would skip the fabric on the roof since it needs to be organic material.

I've been checking out prices and it looks like the pre-fab sukkahs cost about the same as the raw materials for this one including labor. (yay!) Our carpenter said he would come the first few weeks in August to build it so I'm really not that early at all.

For my readers who are a bit confused: Sukkot is a Jewish holiday that comes in autumn. We eat in the sukkah for seven days and invite family and friends for festive meals. You can learn more about it here.
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