Friday, May 10, 2013

Living Room Progress

Now that the kitchen is done I'm turning my attention to the living room. Up until now it was just a holding space for huge boxes of kitchen cabinets and bundles of oak flooring!

My jumping off point for the wall paint color was this beautiful rug from Dash and Albert--it's their Plain Tin Wool rug in Charcoal,
and this new sofa from Macy's. Our older sofa will be used in the living room too, also from Macy's.

I don't remember having so much trouble choosing a paint color as I did for this room! I must of painted over a dozen paint samples painted all over the walls.
Nothing seemed right. And then it dawned on me...I've used Benjamin Moore's coastal fog for many projects in the past. It's a beautiful taupe that's kind of gray with a lot of warm brown undertones.
It was perfect!

  The coastal fog color looks great with golds like this curtain rod I spray painted.

The living room walls are currently mauve (hello 1980's)  but someone who lived here had the good sense to install beautiful molding on both the walls and the trim.

So the painting has begun...

and three Liatorp bookcases are being assembled.
They'll hold a flat screen TV along with tons of other things still sitting in boxes in the basement. I'll be painting them too. Here is my inspiration...
I love the orange back but am I daring enough to do this? Do I want that much orange?
Or should they go dark like the shelving I spotted on Centsational Girl?
Any thoughts are welcome!
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