Monday, April 8, 2013

Door Knob Daffodils

It's FINALLY spring in the Northeast--it seemed like it would never come! Little green shoots are poking through the ground and it's fun to see what is coming up in our new yard since we moved in after Thanksgiving and I'm not quite sure what's planted.
Here's a charming way to bring a bit of spring to your front door. As soon as I spotted these cardboard cones at the craft store I knew what I wanted to make with them.

Aside from the cone I also purchased pretty patterned paper.

It came together in a matter of minutes...

1. Spray the cone with spray adhesive until it's very sticky
2. Roll the patterned paper onto the sticky cone
3. Using an exact-o knife, cut along the top
4. You'll have a nice clean edge
5. Using a sharp awl, poke a hole on two sides of the cone
6. Insert a wire, pipe cleaner or ribbon for hanging

Fill a plastic cup with water and insert into the cone.
Add flowers of your choice--I like daffodils because they scream springtime!
Live in an apartment building without a front door? These look just as pretty inside the house.
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