Sunday, March 31, 2013

Creating a Runner with Flor Carpet Tiles

I've always loved Flor carpet tiles and I finally had an opportunity to use them in our new home!
The front hall has been left uncovered since we moved into the house four months ago. Now that most of the work in the kitchen is done it was time to put down some kind of floor covering on the hardwood floors.

My first thought was to put down a runner. I order two of these Chevron runner from Ballard Design.
The size of the runner is 2'7" x 8'2".  My hall is 7'x18".  It didn't even begin to cover most of the floor. I needed something that was custom to cover such a long and narrow space.

I decided to check out the Flor store in Soho during a recent visit to New York and see the carpet tiles up close.
So many beautiful carpet tiles to choose from! Because our hallway is next to the living room and we have a patterned rug in there, I chose "Heaven Sent," a soft loop that's recycled nylon.

I ordered 20 tiles in three different shades for a striped effect and 3 days later the boxes arrived.

After laying out the design, these sticky dots are used to keep the tiles in place.

The hallway is far from done but at least the hardwood floors are protected from foot traffic and the size fits perfectly.

If a tile becomes soiled you can actually lift it up and rinse it with soap and water...
Or, replace the tile with a new one!
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