Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Individual Seder Plates

We're hosting the second night of Passover in our new home. The paint and tile back splash are still being done this week so it's down to the wire!

Traditionally there is one Seder plate on most Passover tables, but I decided to give each of my guests their own--it just seems easier than passing a large plate around. Since I don't own ten Seder plates I put mine together using small plastic bowls I found at the party store.
These tiny bowls are designed for appetizers, desserts or a cocktail party but they are perfect for a Seder plate!

Clockwise from top left: The Seder plate place cards are from my new Etsy shop, I like the Rashi Red Concord wine for the Seder since we are required to drink four cups--it goes down easy, Tulips make it seem like spring even though the temperature is still in the 30's in Connecticut, the tiny "cocktail" bowls.
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