Monday, January 14, 2013

The Story of Our Dining Table

With the wall down between the kitchen and dining room it was time to shop for a dining table. Crate and Barrel opened in our neighborhood a few years ago, so we decided to drop in and check out their selection. We wanted something that could accommodate lots of people for Shabbat, holidays and our growing family. 

There were many beautiful tables but when when we saw the Terravida floor sample on clearance (it's discontinued) we knew it was the winner. The size was perfect for the space...87" long. It's reclaimed teak which is heavy and solid and also looks like an antique with it's splits, knots and patches--a perfect contrast to our new sleek kitchen. Here is a picture from their website:
It was delivered a few weeks ago and this is what the tabletop looked liked...
It was hard to photograph but can you see the circle?  There were three of them on one side of the table! I was totally baffled--I didn't notice any circles in the store when we purchased the table. I took this picture and ran back to the store to show them.

They explained the table was sitting near a large window and a salesperson put three large plates on one side of the table for display! The sun bleached the rest of the table but the area under the plates stayed dark.

My choices were to either exchange the table for a full refund, or keep the table and get an extra 10% off. Fortunately, the carpenter we hired to do work on the new house is a fine wood-worker. I showed him the table and he said he was sure he could sand it down and re-stain the top. I left the house when he started sanding because it was making me really nervous--here's how it looked when I came home.
The circles were gone but it looked kind of sad.

After two coats of stain the beautiful luster came back.

We used Minwax Jacobean wood stain. After it's dry we'll give it 3 coats of sealer.

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