Friday, January 11, 2013

Upshernish Prep

With all the renovations going on in our new home and Yosef's upshernish two weeks away my house is a combination of sawdust, paint buckets and piles of party decorations I've been busy preparing.

I found these giant plastic scissors online and I think they'll make the cutest table centerpieces! (An upshernish is a three-year-old boy's first haircut.)

Using a paper punch, scissor shapes were punched out of blue card stock and they'll be scattered on the tables.

Yosef will sit on this "special" chair--a bar stool I spray painted blue so that friends and family take a "snip". 

Yosef can be shy and might not let people he doesn't know very well cut his hair. Last night we were talking about who he'll let cut his hair. When it came to my husband (who he refers to as Sabba) Yosef kept saying "Not Sabba." I was very surprised--he knows us so well and we spend a lot of time with the grand kids. When I finally asked him why he doesn't want Sabba to cut his hair he answered "Because he tickles me!"
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