Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Styling a Bookcase

I was so relieved back in October when our Ikea Liatrop bookcase was finally assembled and painted. It was a time consuming job painting all the shelves and doors one coat of primer and two coats of semi-gloss paint. The color, river reflections is a beautiful taupe/gray, but after I finished painting the entire thing I realized it was just too bland next to the walls! :(  Here is a before...
So, now that Chanukah is behind us I picked up a quart of Chelsea Gray and got to work. As you can see below the new color is quite a bit darker.
It adds richness to the piece and looks better against the burlap-covered backs and the walls which are painted Coastal Fog...
Now that the painting is done the fun begins...styling the shelves. Almost all of our books are on a bookshelf in the den so these shelves hold the T.V. and are the perfect place to display decorative objects. (Otherwise known as tchotchkes!)
1. Freshly painted, ready for accessories.
2. It's usually best to start filling in with the largest objects. I tried to stagger them so your eye travels around the unit.
3. Keep adding, keeping in mind you want to vary the shapes and sizes.
4. Finally, I added a bit of color with the moss, pottery, and touches of gold.
Done (for now.) It's always evolving!
I still have more to do in the living room but at least I can cross this off my list!

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