Friday, December 6, 2013

Shop + Nosh

Early last month I traveled to New Haven, Connecticut. It's home to Yale University and like most college towns, New Haven has some great shopping and places to dine.

Yale is one of the country's oldest universities and is famous for it's Gothic architecture. 

Picture-st Chapel Street is where many of the shops and restaurants are located...

Okay, time for shopping! Wave Gallery is one of my favorite places to shop in New Haven.
Here, you’ll find artisan jewelry, a large selection of homemade soaps, beautiful cards, lovely glass bowls, hand-blown glass paperweights and gifts for the home.
Since I visited the store before Chanukah their selection of unique menorahs were on display. I want the brass colored bird menorah but really don't need another one.
I'm a sucker for anything with typography so I loved the black and white artwork and those typography pillows on the left.
Great place to pick up a unique hostess gift...

Next we headed to Claire's for lunch--a vegetarian, organic and kosher restaurant.

In addition to good food and drink, Claire's is notable for its extra-comfy "hippy" atmosphere. Service is semi-cafeteria style: line up, browse the blackboard menu and the pastries on display, place your order, and pay.
The menu is mostly soups, sandwiches and Mexican. They also have a gluten-free menu which is perfect for  me--the Enchiladas were yummy!

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