Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Wrap

This year, instead of buying paper for our Chanukah gifts, I made wrapping paper--it was easy using spray paint I already had on hand and solid paper.
Here's how each one was created:

Star Pattern
My inspiration for this paper were quilt patterns with a six pointed star. The stars become the negative space in white.

The first step was to find clip art online. I printed out several sheets of stars and cut each one out with sharp scissors. After dabbing the back with a touch of glue stick, the stars were placed on the white wrapping paper in the pattern.
A light mist of gold was sprayed onto the paper--after it dried I carefully peeled away the stars.

Dreidel Wrap
For this paper I printed out dreidels and placed them on the paper with round dot stickers to form a pattern.
I used blue spray paint and peeled off the stickers after it dried.

Stars + Gold Gelt
 Here I used gold metallic paper and white paint. I used the same technique as the others...stick down the pattern, spray and gently peel off stickers.

I couldn't seem to find any "ready made" Chanukah stickers but if you can, it saves the step of cutting each image out. It's fun to come up with different patterns and play around with different colors--the possibilities are endless!


  1. Very good ideas! Wouldn't it be nice if we could find more pretty designs in stores and didn't need to make these from scratch? Ah well, that wouldn't be as fun!

    1. Dawn, Target actually had really nice Chanukah wrap this year!


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