Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ombre Candles

Ombre, that subtle modulation of color is all the rage right now....painted furniture, fabric, even frosted cakes are often done in beautiful Ombre shades. So, why not Chanukah candles?
All it took was a box of plain white candles, some wax chips and wax crayons.
Natural wax crayons were used since many other brands of crayons contain beef tallow (not good for a kosher kitchen!)  The stainless steel bowl is from the dollar store--I could throw it away afterwards and avoid cleaning harden wax. The bowl was placed over a pot of simmering water to slowly melt the wax, next I added the crayon colors, using a plastic spoon while pouring the melted wax over the white candle.
The roman shades in our kitchen were the perfect place for hanging the wet candles on the shade cords with mini binder clips!

These would make a wonderful Chanukah gift tied up with a pretty ribbon...
Or keep for yourself...
for a beautiful addition to your menorah!
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  1. Gorgeous Rita! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday and for reminding me that I'd better get my chanukah crafting act together, NOW. Okay, well not now, as it's past midnight, but maybe tomorrow!

  2. These are simply beautiful. You've made it look so easy... and I'm considering what it would take to make them in my classroom for my students' to celebrate Hanukkah. Ideas... ideas.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful creations.


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