Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

Our guest room was looking a bit bare. The mattress was sitting on a nice sleek wood frame but it was really crying out for a headboard.  This project took me a few evenings to complete but it's done and looks great and the best part is the whole thing cost less than $30 dollars!
The first thing I did was tape the wall with blue painters tape to get a good idea of the size I wanted the headboard to be. When I was happy with the size, I took my measurements to Lowe's and had them cut a sheet of pressed board (so it doesn't warp.) This bed frame had a ledge that the headboard could sit on, otherwise I'd have it come down to the floor.
Next I purchased a foam bed pad from Walmart (much cheaper than buying foam) and some batting used for making quilts.

At this point I had to decide where the tufted buttons would be--I drilled four holes in the board for the buttons. Cutting the foam is easy when you use a bread knife!
First the foam was stapled into place followed by the batting and then the fabric.

These button covers are so easy to use and make your buttons look so professional!
The key is using really long needles to poke through the holes in the board and layers of foam and batting. The back of the button is tied with some wire wrapped around the thread.

The fabric is actually men's suiting fabric I found on sale at Joanne's...
You may want to know how I attached it to the wall. Here's the's not attached yet. Our walls are plaster and really hard to hang anything on. Since I don't want the headboard crashing down on anyone (!) I'm waiting for our handyman to come by and do it.
The checked duvet cover is from Muji one of my favorite stores in New York. I'm really happy with the results.


  1. It looks so nice. Love your style. I'm always enjoying your posts.

  2. pretty cool! I still follow your posts even though I don't comment.

  3. The fabric is beautiful and totally classic. I'm absolutely amazed you can do this yourself. Your tutorial makes it seem so easy!


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