Monday, September 23, 2013

This Year's Sukkah

You may remember back in June when I blogged about the dream sukkah I wanted to have built. Because of our yard water/drainage problems ($$) it never happened.  We we got rid of our old sukkah when we moved here so that left us without a sukkah this year. 

Just when I thought we were stuck without one, friends of friends were downsizing and wanted to give away a sukkah they could no longer use. I jumped at the chance and we picked up the wood frame. It's from the Sukkah Project and it's fairly simple to just need to add walls and the schach (roof.) I used canvas painter's drop cloths for the walls and bamboo mats for the roof.
Even though it was thrown together cheap and last minute it's one of my favorite sukkahs! Being a minimalist, I'm loving the simplicity and monochromatic decorations, no wacky light fixture--just the pure essence of off-white walls and organic bamboo mats. 
Did you put up a sukkah this year? Send me a pic--I'd love to see it!


  1. Rita, I love following your posts this time of year. Although I'm not Jewish, I really enjoy the glimpse into your faith. Your Sukkah is beautiful and it makes me want to come eat with your family. ;-)

  2. Beautiful Sukkah !Chag Sameach!

  3. Love your sukkah! We use the Sukkah my Mother in Law used when my husband was little. Now that her kids have left the nest it is seeing new life at our home. I love reading your blog - the only fabulous home decor blog with a Jewish perspective I have found.


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