Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Candles in the Sukkah

Just as we eat our meals in the sukkah for one week starting tonight, ideally the candles we light for Shabbat and the holiday should also be lit in the sukkah. There's only one problem: because the sukkah is outdoors the wind and rains can easily blow out the flames.

Here's the solution: Instead of regular candlesticks, nestle the candles in glass containers.

They'll need a filler to keep them upright and almost anything can be used--I raided the pantry and came up with black beans, sugar, popcorn and some small rocks from the craft closet.
Or, go with old fashioned ball jars...
You can skip the standard Shabbat candles and use votives instead.

Fill them with sand if you are using regular candles...
You get the idea...the weather's been gorgeous this week so here's hoping for little or no rain. Chag sameach (Happy Holiday)!

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