Friday, August 30, 2013

Shop + Nosh

A new series with two of my favorite past times!

Last Sunday we drove to one of the most charming towns in Connecticut: Westport. (Martha Stewart used to live here.) Located on the Long Island Sound the town is quaint and New England-y but also has some of the best shopping around. (Really, how many towns with a population of 26,000 has a Tiffany's?)

We strolled the town while popping into some my favorite home design stores.

I loved the Johnathan Adler store--didn't buy a thing but what inspiration!

We don't have a West Elm near where we live so I usually visit a store whenever I see one...
I did find that beautiful orange throw and a bathroom tumbler on the sale rack. They both look perfect in our new home!

The next stop was dinner at Kosh in Stamford with friends and family to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. (It ended in a zero so it called for a celebration.) Kosh is one of the few kosher restaurants in Connecticut and by far my favorite. Not only is the food great but it's also beautifully designed. 

The perfect ending to a great day.

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