Monday, August 5, 2013

Cookie and Milk Party

While they were living with us this summer, our grandchildren attended a local day camp. Since camp ends this week and Moussia will be heading to her new house in Massachusetts, she asked if she could invite her "new" friends over for a milk and cookie party. I love throwing children's parties so of course I said yes!
Moussia is in the striped shirt--the youngest one since the others are older women: six and seven years old!

From top left: Invitations from templates I found online; Moussia made this welcome sign to hang on the front door; bottles of milk from Shop Sweet Lulu chilling in the fridge; decorated cookies were carried home in "bakery" boxes.

Some cookies were sampled at the party and the rest were boxed carefully in tissue and carried home. After
decorating their cookies the girls made door hangers to hang on the doorknobs of their rooms.
It was a fun party for all--especially for Moussia who was SO excited to entertain her new friends!

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