Friday, July 26, 2013

Kennebunkport, Maine

Now I understand why Martha choose Maine as the spot for one of her vacation homes--pristine, clean and gorgeous! Last week we slipped away for a few days and vacationed in this beautiful area of the Northeast.
It took George Bush to make Kennebunkport known to most of the country, but New Englanders have enjoyed this quiet coastal Maine town for years. In hot weather the beaches are a major draw, but Kennebunkport's many small boutiques, art galleries and restaurants make a visit fun at any time of year.
Not only is the beach magnificent, so is the rural countryside... 
And, like most small New England towns Kennebunkport is totally charming...
 with fantastic shops to explore...
I bought myself a small souvenir...
...the stacked rocks on the bottom right--I love the organic sculptural look of the stones.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast that was recently remodeled by a Boston based interior designer and it was filled with ideas I want to incorporate into other projects and my into own home...

I am totally stealing this idea of using three prints in vertical frames (it's called a triptych) to use above my sofa in our new living room. Maybe I'll blow up some photos I shot of the ocean.

The decor was a mix of old and favorite look. Check out the old wood table contrasting with clear ghost chairs in their wine tasting room.

and the pop of modern yellow chairs and pendant lights against the traditional wallpaper and oriental rugs.

Metal wall art instead of pictures? Why not?

Love their breakfast board with all the condiments presented in mini containers and the Moroccan inspired wallpaper just made the dining room come alive.
Definitely one of my favorite spots to vacation!


  1. Although originally from Massachusetts, I didn't discover the true beauty of Maine until last summer. My parents rented a house steps from the ocean for dirt cheap all the way up near the Canadian boarder in Jonesport. It's so peaceful and bucolic. We are going to a wedding in Kennebunkport in a couple weeks and then back to Jonesport. Can't wait!

    1. Never heard of Jonesport--I'm sure it's beautiful. Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did!


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