Monday, July 1, 2013

Bubble Glasses

When my new kitchen was completed a few months ago, I purchased new glasses for the "meat" side in our kosher kitchen. I wanted the glasses to be a color so they would be easily recognizable from our "dairy" glasses which are clear glass. Sadly, the Ikea Brukbar glasses I bought were beautiful but too thin--after breaking several in the dishwasher I decided they just weren't working for us.
The glasses in the photo above are the new ones I just ordered online from Wisteria. I love the look of the seeded glass--it's like bubbles in the glassware!  Somehow they look old but modern at the same time and since these seem much thicker than the Ikea glasses they should be able to pop right into the dishwasher without breakage.

This is the Ikea Brukbar glass--it still has the bubbles and color I love but didn't stand up to everyday use for us.
Although these are not as inexpensive as the Ikea ($1.49 each) they are still reasonably priced (4 for $22.00) and should last a lot longer!


  1. RIta, have you ordered your glasses yet? I'm curious if the "cobalt" glasses are dark aqua in color as shown or truly a cobalt color? I'm adding this to my kitchen wishlist ;0D

    1. Hi Brittany, The glasses just came last week and I LOVE them! I ordered the Aqua--they look like sea glass--they are true to the color in the photo so I'm guessing the coblat is also true to the photo. So nice to hear from you!

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