Thursday, June 27, 2013

Painted Shabbat Candles

Our friend, Beth invited us for Friday night Shabbat dinner this week. Instead of the usual bottle of wine, I decided to make these gold painted candles to bring as a gift.

It was so simple to make with things I already had in my craft closet.
The painters tape I had on hand was very wide so I cut it into thinner strips to form the stripes. The paint dries quickly so it's an easy project to do when you don't have much time.

 Glamorous, right? Who says Shabbat candles have to be plain white?


  1. You are amazing! Day after day you make the world more beautiful and share it with all of us. Thank you my friend!

  2. These are lovely! I, too, was invited out for Shabbos night. (It's the first time we have eaten out for Shabbos in a few years!) I washed out a Snapple bottle and used Goo Gone to remove the adhesive from the label. I tied a gold ribbon around the threaded glass (where the lid screws on). Filled with hydrangea from my yard, it looked pretty nice. And it was quick, too.


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