Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Matches in a Bottle

If you're like me you go through a lot of matches--Jewish holiday candle lighting, birthday celebrations, outdoor grilling, the list goes on and on. I decided to transfer ordinary matches from the matchbox they came with into something more decorative.

Here's how. I started with a box of matches from the hardware store and some one dollar spice bottles I found at Bed bath and Beyond.
The matches fit perfectly in the bottles.
Then I cut a circle out of sandpaper using the top of the spice bottle as a guide.
Glue the sandpaper circle to either the top or bottom of the spice bottle. I glued mine to the bottom.
For the bottle caps, I found some leftover washi tape that I wrapped around the cap for some added color and pattern.

Print out the labels on your home printer on colored paper, then cut and paste on the bottle.
So much prettier than a hardware store match box, right?
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