Friday, June 7, 2013

Beds for the Guest Room

I've been transforming our finished rec-room in the basement into a guest room for family that will be staying here this summer. Here's an inexpensive idea I used for the beds.

I really dislike those standard metal bed frames with wheels. Instead, I picked up these chunky wood legs at Lowe's and simple screwed them into the wood of the box spring.
I screwed one leg into each corner and one in the center for extra support. I didn't have time to paint or stain them since guests were coming in a few days but I'll get to that soon.

To cover the box spring, I stapled a flat sheet (cut into strips) onto the wood frame for a more finished look.

Here's one more cheap trick...
I had three beds and three mismatched comforters. By covering all of them in matching duvet covers (I found mine at Ikea) everything looks coordinated!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you--I'll post the whole room when it's decorated!

  2. Does the bed have enough support from the new legs as compared to the standard metal box spring frame?

    1. I would imagine that a metal box spring frame has more support. I was going for something more attractive than metal frames.

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