Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome Home Brunch

Our son Ben recently returned from a six month stay in Israel followed by a month of traveling in Europe. With the kitchen finally done it seemed like a good time to get together with family and celebrate his return with a welcome home brunch.
A large laminated map of Israel becomes the perfect table runner--spills can easily wipe off. And, the elongated shape of Israel lends itself perfectly to a rectangular table!

Each muffin got a flag representing a country that Ben visited.
The flags were printed out from the internet, cut with scissors and glued onto a toothpick.

For the napkin rings, I made color copies of Ben's passport...
cut them into strips and taped into rings.  
Can't wait for the family to come next week!


  1. It looks great!!! I can't let my son Noah see it. He got back from his class trip last week. All I could manage to do was dig up some of the Israeli flags he and his sister have made over the years and stick them in a drinking glass in the center of the table. I will have to remember these ideas when my daughter goes(in 4 years). Julie

  2. He was in Denmark? I hope he had fun here :)

  3. That's so nice. I'm glad he did :)


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