Friday, April 12, 2013

Salon-Style Wall Display

When I posted my Craig's List painted buffet last month I got many comments not only about the glossy orange color, but the artwork hung above it. This style of hanging is called Salon-style. Even though these art walls are so popular today the trend dates back to Paris in 1737! It's a charming way to hang smaller pieces of art in a group over a large area.

My art is collected over many years and although each piece is different, the burnished gold tones tie everything together. I think these hangings look best when there is at least one straight line (mine is on the bottom) and the space between each picture is the same.

Not only is this a great way to fill a large area but these pictures have sentimental value for me. On the left are silhouettes of my children done many years ago at a nursery school fundraiser. The artist had nothing more than a sheet of black paper and a pair of very sharp scissors and in 20 minutes cut exact profiles of each child! The two below were birthday gifts from my sister purchased from the Annual St. Louis Art Fair

On top are two antique paintings--a watercolor and a small oil painting. The "R" is from Ballard Designs which is no longer available but here is a similar Typesetter Plaque.

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