Friday, April 5, 2013

Master Bedroom Decor

The painting is complete and the carpet is installed. Now for the fun part...
It started with a trip to Home Goods. These mustard colored lamps were crying out to me! The size and shape were perfect--but yellow? I've never really been a "yellow" person.

Then I had an ah-ha moment...the master bath is yellow and the bedding and walls are gray. Yellow and gray look great together so why not? (The starburst mirror was brought from our old house.)
The Lucite base on the lamps give them a modern vibe and I'm still loving my $39.00 bedside tables from Hotel Liquidators in New Haven. (The thick glass alone would cost way more than that!) The steel gray color works fine but I want to paint them gold.

More of that mustard color was needed in the room so I picked up two of these pillows from Target. They were $16.99 but I think they look so much more expensive.

The Textured Woven Shades from Country Curtains are great but the windows could still use curtain panels to soften the area.
One day at a time...

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