Friday, April 19, 2013

Freshening the Front Door

I've been itching to get my hands on the front door since we moved in and spring is the perfect time for an outdoor project. Here's what I've got planned...
The photo is what the front entrance looks like now. I brought the Ikea planter and the (fake) boxwood from our old house. 

We'll need a new storm door (the center is glass--don't know why Lowe's made it blue in the photo) and I'll paint the frame the same color as the front door...something in these blue/green hues. I'm leaning towards the top color, Benjamin Moore's Blue Echo 505. One of my pet peeves is leaving the storm door white--it should always be painted the same color as the door so the door is saturated with color!

Our current door knocker is engraved with the name of the family who lived here two home owners ago(!)  so this iron bird door knocker from ironaccents will replace that and it's only $12.00. I like traditional fonts so I'll use these zinc house numbers from Lowe's and I'll keep the light fixture.

Have a great weekend!

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