Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ikea Visit (Part 2)

Yay! The kitchen floors are getting stained and polyurethaned this week.

I still needed a hood for over the stove--I bought a plain one at Home Depot hoping my carpenter could build me a wood cover to slip over it and match the cabinets but I made a mistake--the space was too tight and the upper cabinet doors wouldn't close if we did that.

Plan B: buy a hood at Ikea. You can't beat the price--it looks very high end and doesn't cost that much more than the plain one from Home Depot. Of course I can't go to Ikea and only come home with one thing! Here's a few of the other goodies I bought...
1. Luftig Exhaust hood: I love how this hood looks so high end and very architectural, 2. Blanda Matt Salad bowl: a great all purpose wood bowl, 3. Dinera Side plate: my dinner plates are white but I wanted a contrasting color for the salad plates, 4. Girig Serving bowl: the colors are perfect for my new home--blue/green and gray, 5. Ikea 365+ Sugar bowl and creamer: you can't go wrong with white and stainless, 6. Fiddle Leaf Fig plant (not on the website but these stylish trees are only $12.99!) 7. Aina Curtains: very plain but maybe I'll add some trim.

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