Monday, March 11, 2013

Grass Cloth to the Rescue

Our den/office is practically done. Last week I tackled the walls behind the shelves above the desk. The problem was the textured walls. The entire room was paneled with some sort of weird textured wood and painted a really bad yellow. 

The solution? Grass cloth! Because it's already heavily textured I hoped it would hide the bad texture on the walls.

Here is what I mean...
Can you see that texture?  I just wanted it gone!

Here is what the space looked like from the previous owners...
They used this room for watching TV--we didn't want a TV in here and since TV's today are flat it wouldn't fit into this built-in. But, the nook seemed like the perfect spot for a desk.

To cover the textured walls I used a heavy clear wallpaper paste and a roll of grass cloth.

I cut the grass cloth a few inches larger than the wall...
and trimmed the edges with an e-xacto knife.

For the desk, I had a piece of Formica cut for the top which fits perfectly into the nook. It's sitting on top of two Ikea Micke drawer units.

The brick wall was transformed with "barnwood" which you can read about here. That wall is one of my favorite things we've done to transform the house.

The rest of the den is almost done...stay tuned for the reveal!


  1. The transformation is really cute and very useful! Have a lovely day!

  2. Amazing transformation! And opening up that built in really adds more visual space to the room, too.

  3. The barnwood wall is my favorite element you've shown us so far, too. The grey shelves and grass cloth look just right with it. You're inspiring all of us.

  4. Your transformation of this space is wonderful. I would have choked on that old wall treatment too. glad you found a solution.

  5. Where did you buy the grasscloth?

    1. I ordered it from here:


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