Friday, March 8, 2013

A Sparkly Birthday Party

Moussia just turned five and since there's probably not a five-year-old girl that doesn't love all things glittery she had a sparkly birthday party.

Plain vanilla cupcakes and frosting become something special when sprinkled with silver and white glitter sprinkles and topped with a paper Star of David covered in glitter.

Even the forks got a dip in some glitter glue...
Tiffany blue seemed like the appropriate second color. The "fives" were printed from my computer and glued on to paper cups, and the fancy napkin rings are trim from the fabric department at Walmart.

Moussia and her doll, Miriam wore matching dresses to the party!

Supermarket party hats were made special when covered with silver wrapping paper.
Simply open the hat flat, trace onto wrapping paper, cut out shape and glue onto hat.
Silver pom poms top each hat.

How do you do a "sparkle" craft without giving pre-schoolers glitter? Use sparkle items they can't spill, like these $1.00 blank books covered with scrapbook paper and glittery stickers to decorate the covers.

Everyone loved the crafts and cupcakes...even Miriam the doll who had a special spot next to the birthday girl!

Each guest went home with a candy favor box...

I know they're not sparkly, but I found these cute favor boxes at Marshall's and couldn't resist!

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