Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turning a Pink Bathroom White

The main bath in our new home was pink. 

I really do like the color pink but ours was a really bad pink. What can you do without tearing out the entire bath?  (The average cost for remodeling a bathroom is $10,500!)
Spray it white!

Here is what we started out with...
Do you see what I mean? It was bad, but the tile was in really good shape.

We removed an old shower door and was left with several of these...

The medicine cabinet/mirror was not much better...

After many phone calls I hired this guy...

It was two days of smelly paint fumes but in the end I feel like we have a new bathroom!  
I found the pretty shower curtain at Lowe's and the mirror is recycled from the powder room. I still have to paint the walls (maybe a soft gray?) but the bathroom is totally transformed for a fraction of the price of a brand new bathroom!


  1. It looks great! I love the pattern on the shower curtain. Nice choice.

    1. Thanks Roxanne--I found the curtain just by chance at Lowe's.

  2. It looks great! The thing about white is you could put any color with it & it will work. Gray sounds good. How did you decide who to hire for the work? Just wondering what to look for if I decide to do this ever...I have that same color pink bathroom with a stripe of maroon tile around the top.

    1. Hi Aidel, I found my guy from a friend of a friend who used this company and was happy with the results.


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