Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ten Minute Lamp Makeover

Moussia is turning five years old next week! Now that she's practically in kindergarten she often has quiet time in bed with a book before bedtime. Her night stand didn't have a reading lamp so I transformed an old lamp I had in the basement and dolled it up with some trim and ribbon.

The steel lamp base was sprayed purple and the bottom of the lamp shade got some cute pom poms.  
Dotted ribbon was glued to the top of the shade.
In no time at all, it went from "college student desk lamp" to a sweet little girl's bedside table lamp. You can read about the color block nightstand here and her room makeover here. I'm busy with birthday party plans for her party next week...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kitchen Reno

Our kitchen renovation is moving along...I've been without a kitchen sink for three weeks so I'm definitely ready for this to be done!

Here's a little peak of what is done...I'm loving everything so far!
Clockwise from left:
Over the peninsula are two Luna Rod light fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric. The bulbs are Edison light bulbs...they look retro and modern at the same time and give off the nicest light.

I choose the West Elm Large Hanging Capriz Chandelier for over the dining table. This is what it's suppose to look like when it's done. The next photo is how it looks now. Every single Capiz shell is individually wrapped in plastic and blue tape to ensure nothing broke during shipping. I'm spending hours unwrapping each one!!

The brass pulls are the Bedford brass awning cup from the Martha Stewart Collection from Home Depot. Only $1.98 each but they look so much more expensive!

Another Schoolhouse Electric fixture--the Princeton Senior in natural brass which hangs over the kitchen sink. My husband came home from work and said he feels like he's in Grand Central Station. I'll take that as a compliment!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My New Etsy Shop

I've heard it over and over from many of my readers...
"I wish I had the time to make these craft items...I'm too busy: working, taking care of the kids, cooking and baking for the holidays... I just want to BUY them!"

Okay, I heard you!

My new Etsy store, jewishholidayshop is here just in time for Passover. I have three items for sale for your Seder table--two types of placecards and "matzah" napkin rings.
This place card is one of my favorites.  Click here to see the rest of Passover items for sale.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purim Spoons

One of the mitzvah's of the holiday of Purim is to have a Seudah, or festive meal. Since our kitchen is not up and running quite yet, I won't be hosting one this year but if you are how cute would these Purim spoons be to serve guests with dessert?

Brooke from the Sucre Shop sent these to me last week and I just had to incorporate them into my holiday. I decided to attach one spoon to each of my Shalach Manos gifts...

Purim is Sunday, February 24 so there's still time to order! Just click here.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Purim Food Gifts

In keeping with my black and white theme this year, my Shalach Manos baskets are black and white as well! 

These gifts of food or drink are sent to friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, business associates, and any other acquaintances on Purim day. The mitzvah of giving Shalach Manos derives from the Book of Esther. It is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast held later in the day, and to increase love and friendship among Jews.

It was fun hunting and gathering foods that are black and white.

For the containers, I found these plastic jars on sale at Target. They were filled with chocolate covered pretzels which I couldn't use but I knew that the size and shape of the jars were perfect. The labels were created with black and white patterned paper with the message was printed out from my computer. The lids were spray painted black and I added white sticker dots. A lime green ribbon is my accent color. I always make Moussia and Yosef their very own little basket and these cute polka dot pails are also from Target.

Ready to deliver on Purim day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Make your own Purim Groggers

Purim is a little over one week away and Moussia and Yosef are so excited. What kid wouldn't want to go to synagogue in a costume and make a lot of his noise shaking their grogger? 

These groggers (noisemakers) are easy to put together using empty plastic bottles. Decorations can be anything you'd like--ribbons, stickers, paint. (This year I'm doing everything for Purim in black and white with a hit of lime. Just because.)

To make these you need a wood dowel (I had mine cut at the hardware store), an empty plastic bottle and beans.

I covered the wood dowels with different fun tapes from the craft store.
After spray painting the bottles black and filling with beans, I decorated each one with fun washi tape, ribbon and stickers. Black duck tape worked well to hold the bottle to the stick.

They may just be the prettiest groggers at synagogue!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kitchen Update

This photo from littlegreennotebook was the inspiration for our new kitchen. I fell in love with the contrasting white and dark grey cabinets and touches of brass.

Here is where we are today:
The good news is the new cabinets have arrived. The bad news is they are in boxes sitting in the living room!

Things are moving along this week--the wood floor has been installed (it will be stained to match the existing dining room floor)  the electrical is almost done and the sheet rock is up on the ceiling--yesterday we painted it.

Cooking with a toaster oven and a two burner hot plate is almost over--when we finally do have our beautiful new kitchen it will seem like a luxury!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Hamantashen

I spotted these awesome Hamantashen cookies at Kitchentested and had to share them with you. Purim is two weeks away so there's plenty of time to whip up these yummy treats!

I love how Melinda was inspired by her favorite girl scout Samoa cookie--a round shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate, topped with toasted coconut, caramel and drizzled with even more chocolate. They look gorgeous, too--the chocolate drizzle makes them look so professional.

For the recipe and step-by-step directions check out her blog, Kitchentested.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Master Bedroom: Part One

The basics in the master bedroom are done...paint, carpet and lighting. I still haven't had the time to hang anything on the walls or add any fun details, but at least it's clean and functional.

I always find it easier to decorate a room with a jumping off point--like a rug, fabric or in this case a new duvet cover.  This one is from Pottery Barn--it's the Alessandra Floral Duvet. Once I choose this, the rest of the room fell into place.

Here is a peek of the room from the previous owner before we bought the house.
Although I did all the painting myself I hired a pro to come and remove the wallpaper since almost the entire house was wallpapered!

After the duvet was purchased I gathered the paint chips that could work for the walls.

I bought samples of each color and brushed them onto the wall, then looked at them different times of the day in different light before deciding.

 I don't mind painting, there is just so much to do since I'll be painting the entire house!

The color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore--very soothing for a bedroom.

The old ceiling light consisted of one recessed can in the ceiling. It was too small and out of proportion for a large ceiling... it was replaced with this fixture from Lowe's.
Much better proportioned and gives off really nice light.

The windows had heavy curtains and plastic roller blinds that were dirty so they were replaced with these Textured Woven Shades from Country Curtains...
I plan on hanging curtains too, but these shades work for now--they even let some light into the room when they are down.

Here is the bedside table I found at Hotel Liquidators for $39...
Although the dark gray color works in the room I plan on painting it gold!

One of my favorite things is the wall to wall carpet by Shaw...
The texture is great and the light color is fine for a bedroom where we have a rule: no shoes allowed!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turning a Pink Bathroom White

The main bath in our new home was pink. 

I really do like the color pink but ours was a really bad pink. What can you do without tearing out the entire bath?  (The average cost for remodeling a bathroom is $10,500!)
Spray it white!

Here is what we started out with...
Do you see what I mean? It was bad, but the tile was in really good shape.

We removed an old shower door and was left with several of these...

The medicine cabinet/mirror was not much better...

After many phone calls I hired this guy...

It was two days of smelly paint fumes but in the end I feel like we have a new bathroom!  
I found the pretty shower curtain at Lowe's and the mirror is recycled from the powder room. I still have to paint the walls (maybe a soft gray?) but the bathroom is totally transformed for a fraction of the price of a brand new bathroom!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Purim Alert!

Hey guys--it's all ready February and Purim (one of my favorite holidays) is only three weeks away! If you and/or your kids want to wear a costume (and you should!) now is the time to start planning and making one. 

Here is a little inspiration I gathered for you...
This adorable lamb from Parents is not much more than cotton balls glued to a black body suit; the sweet owl from Alphamom looks simple to make with leftover scraps of fabric.

Burt and Mary from one of my favorite movies, Mary Poppins is from creatingreallyawesomefreethings; the rag dolls are from tipjunkie.

Where's Waldo? He's here!; How amazing is this Lichtenstein cartoon woman from howsweetitis?

This lego family from tipjunkie would look even cuter with more children in even more colors; the perfect costume for a mom or dad with a young baby from facitysencillo.

What will you be this Purim?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Marbleized Wastepaper Basket

I made this pretty wastepaper basket in minutes for less than $5.00!  Here's how.

I ran into the art supply store last week to grab a pair of blunt scissors for Yosef's upshernish and I couldn't leave the store without browsing at the beautiful art supplies...including their fabulous selection of papers.

All the papers were 50% off that day and I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous marbleized paper.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I loved the colors and at half price I couldn't leave the store without it.

Our new home has a powder room that needed a prettier trash can than the old metal one that was there. I grabbed my Mod Podge and started covering the back of the paper.

While the paper was still wet, I covered the can, rolling it on all sides and smoothing out any air pockets. The bottom was tucked underneath the can and the top was cut with a sharp e-xacto knife. A final coat of Mod Podge seals the paper.

The walls still need to be painted but this looks so much better, right?

Very easy, cheap and chic!
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