Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Discount Shopping in New Haven

Monday morning was shopping day. I borrowed a van, grabbed a cup of coffee, took my notebook with measurements and drove to New Haven, CT for a day of bargain shopping!

My first stop was Hotel Liquidators. This store purchases furniture from hotels that are remodeling or closing then sells it to the public for crazy cheap prices. You have to be handy with a paint brush and a staple gun--things are often a bit chipped and the fabrics are dirty  but the quality is great--hotels do not have flimsy furniture!

The first piece I saw was this buffet. It was less than $200 and although it needed work, it might be perfect for my new dining room. I did not buy it and now I'm having second thoughts!

I liked this coffee table for my living room but the height was too high for my sofa. It was $39 and really heavy--gold is all the rage right now in home decor.

I did buy this bedside table for $39 for the master bedroom. It's a bit chipped and needs a new paint job but the size and shape are perfect--wait till you see it finished!

I also bought this bench for $39 to put in our front hall. It's huge--reminds me of benches in art galleries. I want to put a large painting over the bench after I paint the legs and reupholster new fabric on the seat.

These leather chairs were in perfect condition but the color just wasn't right for the new home. Now I'm wondering if you can dye leather?

Most large cities have these kinds of stores--just "google" hotel liquidators.

My next stop was Ikea. I needed so many small items for the house like shelves and hooks that I couldn't find anywhere locally.
My large purchase was the Karlstad sectional sofa for the den. The reviews are great--everyone seems to love it and it's very comfortable. The sofa comes in white and the slipcovers are purchased separately--I order the Lindo beige. My first choice was dark gray but our den has a lot of windows and I was concerned about the color fading in the sun.

I bought two of these Micke drawers to tuck under the desk we're building.

Since I'll be doing some open shelving in the kitchen I bought a few of the Ekby shelves with brackets.

The tiny master bathroom will have open shelving and these beautiful glass bottles will look great holding mouthwash and soap.

View from the dining room.

Aside from the fact I was pushing two carts by myself, it was a successful day!
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