Monday, December 3, 2012

Chanukah Gift Guide

This year, the Design Megillah Chanukah Gift guide features beautiful choices for Judaica. While some families prefer to give a small gift each of the eight nights, others give one substantial gift. 

What could be more perfect to give for Chanukah than a piece of Judaica to use on a Jewish holiday or in the home? Here are my a few of my favorites.
1. Tzuki Studio on etsy  $230
2. Michael Aram Tree of Life Menorah $159
3. Multi Flowered Seder Plate $325
4. Honey Pot $78

1. Hamsa Keychain $25.00
2. Gold Shabbat Candlesticks $105
3. Tzedakah Box $49.99
4. Tree of Life Mezuzah $54.99
5. Hammered Washing Cup and Bowl $250

1. Alef Bet Puzzle (set of 6) $42.06
2. Alef Bet Wood Blocks $36.00
3. Wood Shabbat Toy Set  $15.50
4. Leather Car Tzedakah box $24.00
5. American Girl doll, Rebecca  $124.00

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