Monday, October 22, 2012

Embellishing Plain Napkins

I know it's only October but I'm working on a Chanukah table feature for a major website! More on that later. 

I wanted to transform these plain cotton napkins into something special for Chanukah. Taking the idea of the number of nights we light the menorah (eight nights) I embellished my napkins with the numbers one through eight.

It was an easy process...
I printed out the numbers from my computer (I love the numerals in the font "Engravers") and bought some Tulip brand dimensional fabric paint in gold. Using carbon paper, I traced the number onto the fabric and filled it in using the thin tip. A paint brush was handy for getting into little areas that needed smoothing.

This idea can be done with any sort of design. Using inexpensive napkins (I found mine at a discount store for 50 cents each) you can write your guest's name, add a flourish, or a simple graphic pattern--the possibilities are endless!
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