Monday, September 24, 2012

Sukkah Chandelier

Being the minimalist that I am, I don't care for a lot of tchotchkes hanging in our sukkah. 

Instead, I prefer one show-stopping light fixture that becomes the main decoration itself and also sheds light for evening dinners. Since our sukkah won't be going up for another few days I shot this year's chandelier on our porch.

I put this together with a 26 inch hula-hoop and two packs of LED mini lights. I sprayed the hula-hoop orange to blend in with the lights. 

It was just a matter of wrapping the lights around the hula hoop...
I hung it with the floral wire. 

You may remember my light fixture last Sukkot. I made that one out of plastic cups...
Here's the real was great on most days, but whenever it rained the cups would fill up with water and the weight of the fixture came crashing down on the table! I'd have to empty the cups and hang it again.
So this year I went with something that the rain won't hurt.

Can't wait to hang it in the sukkah!

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