Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Table Numbers

Our friend's daughter is getting married next week. The wedding will take place in Massachusetts in a beautiful wedding hall that used to be a concert hall for the symphony orchestra. They asked for my help to create the numbers that will sit on each table. The bride came up with the idea of incorporating sheet music into the design to play up the concert hall theme. (The seating cards will be replica's of concert hall tickets). 

I wanted them to look "old world" to blend with the look of the location. Here's a peak of the
hall and the soon to be bride and groom...

The first thing I needed were the frames--the size would determine the rest of the design. I walked  into the dollar store and was thrilled to find these...
The size was perfect and they even had enough of them!

Next, the numbers were printed from my computer and each one was cut out with scissors.

After dabbing the back of each number with a bit of glue stick, I placed each number on a piece of sheet music and placed it face-down on the glass of a xerox machine and copied each one onto parchment paper.

It wasn't looking quite as aged as I was hoping for, so I dabbed each one with a wet tea bag. I liked when the tea bag opened and some granules of loose tea got onto the paper.

They were really wet so I spread them on the floor to dry.

Once dry, it was just a matter of trimming and inserting them into the gold frames.
Can't wait for the wedding!

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