Friday, September 7, 2012

A Jewish New Year Card with Photos

This year, with a new baby in the family, I decided the perfect Jewish New Year card was one that incorporated photos of our children and grandchildren.
The hardest part of this project was getting everyone to pose for the photos! Our son Ben left for a five month internship in Israel so I had to grab him from his busy schedule and photograph him before he left.  Moussia tends to make silly faces when I press the shutter of the camera,  baby Zelda could start crying any minute and Ariel's arm was getting tired holding her!  The only one that seems to love the photography session is two-year-old Yosef who gives me the biggest smiles when I am ready to shoot!

I had each person hold a wood number which together makes up the new year on the hebrew calendar--5773.  I ordered my wood numbers from here. I was going to paint them but I decided I loved the look of the plain Baltic Birch wood.
After printing the photos at a local photo store, I cut long strips of vanilla colored paper 4 1/2 x 14, then folded it into four panels to fit into a number A-1 envelope. For the cover, I typed my greeting on the computer, printed it out on transparent vellum paper, and cut to size to fit onto the front cover. 

Now, I only have twenty more to assemble and get in the mail by next week!

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