Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Mom Gift Basket

Baby clothes and accessories are such fun to buy and give as gifts for newborns. Baby Zelda has certainly seen her share of pretty clothes and blankets this past month.

But how about the mommy? (If you had three kids under the age of four, wouldn't you appreciate something to make you feel more relaxed)?  I put together this basket to give to Ariel...I don't know if it will help her feel less frazzled but it can't hurt!

For the basket I used a 4-compartment drawer organizer that can be used inside a drawer. (There's only so many wicker baskets one can reuse-- this is much more practical).  

 Here's what I filled it with...

I wrapped the whole thing in clear cellophane, tied it with a ribbon, made the card on the computer and framed it with Washi tape.
I'm bringing it up to Massachusetts this week... along with some babysitting!


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