Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Using Ball Jars to Organize

During my stay in Massachusetts (helping out with the new baby) I couldn't help but notice my daughter Ariel's dry goods drawer. I couldn't find a thing in there since all the bags of rice and nuts were packed on top of each other. It was like the bulk aisle in Whole Foods gone wrong. She also had multiply bags of many items since they were all hiding on top of each other.

 The solution? Ball Canning Jars!
Although they are sold for canning summer produce like pickles and such, they are cheap and air tight which make them perfect for a project like this.

Here is the before picture. Brace yourself, it's scary.

I bought a pack of twelve large Ball jars from the supermarket.

The labels are from Staples--Martha Stewart's line of Home Office Supplies. These are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Here is what her drawer looks like now...
The whole project cost less than $20.00 and makes a huge difference!
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