Friday, June 8, 2012

A Havdalah Bar Mitzvah

Friends of ours kicked off their son's bar mitzvah on a Saturday night, which included a Havdalah ceremony.

The word Havdalah comes from the Hebrew verb "L'havdil," to separate. The Havdalah ceremony escorts Shabbat out of the world the same way lighting Shabbat candles ushers it in exactly twenty-five hours beforehand.

To learn more about the Havdalah ceremony, click here

Part of the ceremony includes everyone smelling strong spices-- called basamim in Hebrew-- such as cloves, cardamon, etc. If you've ever been part of a large group making Havdalah you know that passing around the basamim can take a little while. Our friends asked me to make individual basamim bags for each guest to hold. We used a mix of mulling spices, which worked well and smelled delicious!

Here's what I bought at Michael's:
The small mesh bags as well as the stickers were from the wedding department but they worked perfectly for this project. Since celery green was the "color theme" for the party, I also bought some green ribbon.

I printed Avi's name on colored paper and cut each square out to cover up the wedding icons. A dab of glue stick keeps them in place.

Congratulations, Avi! The Bar Mitzvah was beautiful!

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