Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Decorating a Fasionista's Apartment

Our niece, Peri, is a Fashionista with a capital 'F'. 

When her mother had a bat mitzvah to attend and nothing to wear, Peri pulled out a 13-year-old hot pink blazer that had been hiding in the back of the closet. She rummaged around until she found a cute white tank, white skirt and white sandals. Then she added lots of turquoise jewelery and bam! Her mom looked like she just stepped out of a Bloomingdale's catalog!

This fall Peri will be a junior year at the University of Georgia and living in a house with several roommates. She asked her mother if there was any way I could fly to Athens to decorate her apartment (no, not really!), so I thought of the next-best thing. We gathered fun designer shopping bags and I framed them in simple white frames.
This is perfect "artwork" for the fashion-obsessed and they also look great because of the fabulous colors and beautiful graphic design.
Here is an easy trick for hanging pictures in a group--I hung these salon style. A classic salon grouping is based on the frames coming together to form one or two straight lines and then "branching out" from there.
Cut out pieces of paper the same size as your frames. Lay them out on the floor and move the pieces around until you find the shape you like.  Next, tape them on the wall, making sure to leave the spaces between each picture the same.
While they are still taped to the wall, hammer a nail for each frame noting where the hook is placed for hanging.
Happy Birthday Peri! I hope your apartment looks fabulous!

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