Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Changes, Big Difference!

My daughter and son-in-law's family room was finished. Or so I thought. She's always dreaming up ideas to improve what's already done and I'm usually the one to execute those ideas!

The whale in the room is this huge black leather sectional. With two toddlers (and one on the way) and many college students sitting (or sleeping) on it, it's the perfect sofa for their high-traffic space.
The first thing she wanted to change were the black floor lamps. Next to the black sectional, it was just too much black and the pretty shape of the lamps were lost against the sofa. Also, the lamp shades were not really the right proportion for the lamps.
I picked up a can of silver metallic spray paint from Lowe's and set up a spot to paint them on the deck.
After a few coats of paint and new shades from Walmart, the lamps were done. The silver color really does accentuates the shape of the lamp much better against the black sofa.

Next on her list was the "artwork" I created over the sofa. I used one of my favorite tricks when we don't have any art to frame--I put scrap book paper in simple black frames. While it looked perfectly fine, she wanted more of a contrast to the sleek black sectional and something a bit more edgy.

I just happened to find this mirror at a tag sale in my neighborhood for $15 and knew it was what she had in mind.
The size and shape were perfect but the gold was a little too Liberace for her taste. A bit of brown stain was brushed over the frame to tone down the gold.
The mirror turned out to be the perfect addition, adding more depth and warmth to this otherwise modern living room.
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